Magento Developers

Magento and its developers:

Magento development is a completely ecommerce platform which built in behaviour is open source technology. Open source technology is very easy to access. Developers are only having the responsibilities to make the website better and present it in a unique one. So they have a huge role to play in the development.

Development steps:

There are various processes to develop the magento developers:


The important task in creating a project is extracting the requirements or requirement analysis. Customers typically have an abstract idea of what they want as an end result, but not what project should do. Incomplete, ambiguous or even contradictory requirements are recognised by skill and experienced developers at this point. Frequently demonstrating live code may help reduce the risk that the requirements are incorrect.


Domain analysis is often the first step in attempting to design a new piece of project whether it is an addition to existing software, new application software, a new subsystem or a whole new system. Assuming that the developers are not sufficiently knowledgeable in the subject area of the new project the first task is to investigate the so called domain of the project. 2nd objective of this work is to make the analyst who will later try to elicit and gather the requirements from the area expert and speak with them in the domains own terminology, facilitating a better understanding of what is being said by this expert.


Specification is the task of precisely describing the project to be written, possibly in a rigorous way. In practice, most successful developers are written understand and fine tune applications that were already well-developed. Although safety critical project are often carefully specified prior to application development. A good way to determine whether the specifications are sufficiently precise to have a third party review documents making sure that the requirements are logically sound.


The architecture of the project refers to an abstract representation of that system. Architecture is concerned with making sure the project will meet the requirements of the product. The architecture step also addresses interfaces between project and products.

Implementation, testing, documentation:

Implementation is the part of the process where the project developers actual program the code for the project

Testing is an integral and important part of the project development. This part of the process ensures that bugs are recognized as early as possible.

Documenting the integral design of the project for the purpose of future maintenance and enhancement is done throughout development. This may also include the authoring API, be it external or internal.

Deployment and maintenance:

Deployment starts after the code is appropriately tested, is approved for release and sold or otherwise distributed into a production environment.

Large percentage of projects failed because the time period. Developers should remember the time limit.

Maintenance is to cope with discovered problems or new requirements can take far more time that the initial development of the project. It may necessary to add code that does not fit the original design to correct the unforeseen problems.


Magento Developers

Magento development:

Magento is totally refaced of ecommerce. It is object oriented and patterns of EAV design. A magento developer should understand the concept of the magento. The coding developer helps to code them successfully. To start a magento development the tools, techniques, and information are needed to the developers.

Process of development:

The process of development is divided into some steps. First the project is dividing into some sub components and components. So it is easier and save the time. The important feature is worked out first. Then it is go for the second. So many developers are there to develop it. So the work has been substituted into so many developers so that it takes very less time. The features what are divided are very co related with one to other one. So it is done by very asynchronous way. Then the works done are jot down together. The coding is one of the toughest parts in all these. The coding is done part by part by this. Then the coders again run the program whether it is giving the correct output or not. Then the next step is to the maintenance. The maintenance is the biggest part. After all this, the maintains of the project is necessary. It should be decorated, and it should be filled with lot of product information.

Mainly the customer satisfaction is the developer’s main aim. Customer should happy with the products. The customer can add their many requirements. So the developer should keep space for the extra requirements. From the customer reviews we can judge the activeness of the seller. So that developers can train them as per needed. A technical training is very necessary for the seller. Through which they can allow more customers to take the product. The designing process is important also. The website should be designed vey technical and professional way. Arrange the products manually, put more photos of the products, zoom in zoom out, flexible tokens for the shops, cart history everything controlled by the developer.

The shipping procedure is one more hectic thing. To send the products at proper address or many addresses is a difficult thing. Also gather the wanted list item. If the customer rejects the product any reason it is totally a fault of the developer. To process for the payment the details about the cards, then cut the money properly from the account is very tough work. The developers and the client should keep very friendly nature. So that how the application will run can be known easily. The cost of the product cannot be the big issue for the developers. But giving discount at them is important. The next most important thing is the updating. The developers need to update daily the details of the products. And it makes them more convenient to the customers who are taking such products.

Maximum each project takes 2-3 weeks to be finished. This is very important for the developers to finish the project within the time limit.


Magento Developers

Magento developers:

The Magento has to be developed by someone before we can use it. It must be understood properly before its development and use. A magento is a list of instruction that the computer must follow in order to process data into information. The programme has to be determined the problem that needs to be solved. There are different approaches to problem solving. Once common technique is to use the project development cycle with the number of steps that may vary according to the person who has formalized the development.

There are so many phases to the development of the magento like Requirements, design, implementation, testing, installation and maintenance. Each phase produces deliverables required by the next phase. Requirements are translated into designs. Code is produced during implementation that is driven by the design. Testing verifies the deliverable of the implementation phase against requirements. Development cycle of Magento includes the following phases.

Phases of development:

The process of development is divided into some steps. First the project is dividing into some sub components and components. So it is easier and save the time.

Analyze or define the problem:

The problem is analyzed precisely and completely. Based on the understanding, the developer knows the scope within which the problem needs to be analyzed.

Task analysis:

Analyzing the problem, the developer needs to develop various solutions to solve the given problems. From these solutions, the optimum solution is chosen which can solve the problem comfortably and economically.

Design phase:

To select the appropriate solution, algorithm is developed to depict the basic logic of the selected solution.

Testing and accuracy:

The actual code is to be checked for accuracy. The main purpose of checking is to identity major logical errors at an early stage. Because logical errors are often difficult to detect and correct at later stages. The testing also ensures that the project a true one and it should work for both normal as well as unusual data.


All the design considerations the actual coding of the program takes place in the chosen programming language. Depending upon application domain available resources, a coding can be written by using computer languages of different level such as machine, assembly or high level languages.

Testing and debug:

It is common for the initial code to contain errors. A compiler and developer designed test data machine tests the code for the test data. Depending upon the complexity of the magento, several rounds of testing may be required.

Installation and maintenance:

Once the project is free from all the errors, it is duty of the developers to ensure that the program is supported by suitable documentation. After documentation the project is delivered. Future support also provided, if any enhancement is required.

Works of the developers:

Collecting Meta information about the products
Layered navigation and filtered product category, Review of the products, Filtration in search results, Comparisons of product.

Importation and exportation of the catalogue, Advanced pricing rules, special prices, offers, discounts, Digital and downloadable products, Google based integration.