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Joker and Batman: A Mirror Image

There are few relationships between fictional comic book characters that have been more analyzed than the one between The Joker and Batman.  On the surface, the two characters appear to be polar opposites, with Batman being a rational, ethical thinker who lives in order to preserve order, and The Joker being a complete psychopath who exists to create chaos.  However, upon further examination, it appears that the two are not necessarily polar opposites, but are actually mirror images of one another, and this is likely why they have had such an interesting relationship throughout all of the stories that have been told about them for more than seventy years.

While the story of how The Joker became The Joker is largely unknown, it is apparent in a number of stories about him that some sort of tragedy in his life inspired him to become who he is.  Batman, of course, was also inspired by tragedy, but he took a completely opposite approach to it than The Joker.  Either character could be said to have suffered some sort of severe crisis in his younger years, and then had to struggle with their own view of the world in order to come to their own conclusions.  While Batman struggled within his own mind to hold on to his traditional ideas of right and wrong, The Joker threw those ideas out the window and embraced not only philosophical nihilism, but also active nihilism.

The conflicts between Batman and The Joker speak to our own struggles when it comes to dealing with tragedy and trying to maintain a moral code.  The Joker maintains that anyone could possibly go through similar things as he did and become like him, while Batman embodies a character who has overcome his personal tragedy and has been able to keep his own values intact.

How to Make the Most of Your University Experience

If you are going to university and want to make the most of the overall experience, you will need to work on your time management skills. One of the first things you are going to deal with is a large amount of reading and writing that is required to accumulate the necessary credits to graduate. Along with the workload, you also may need to work to earn an income and have a social life in the process. With all of that juggling, you may feel overwhelmed. What you should do in a situation like that is reach out to firms that offer professional assignment writing service. As the name implies, these firms will take care of all your tasks and ensure they are done by the due date while maintaining the highest possible quality.

Benefits of Having Your Work Written by Professionals

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The professors in the university you attend will grade your paper at a very high level so the writing needs to have impeccable grammar, be concise and address all the major topics in succinct way. This can be problematic if you have a host of papers all due around the same time and simply don’t have the desire to stay up for days on end doing research. By reaching out to these professional firms that offer assignment writing service, you are going to have a better result and don’t have to deal with excessive amounts of stress.

Importance of Planning Your Workload

One of the key things you will need to do is carefully plan your workload as soon as you start university. While the firms that offer these writing services can get the work done on short notice, the more time you give them the less stress you will feel. By discussing with each professor the required content/workload for the semester you can decide which papers you will write on your own and which you will delegate to the professional writing firm.

Getting a Qualified Opinion

Even if you are an overachiever and want to do all the research and writing on your own, it would be smart to have the professional writing service provider proofread your writing for grammar issues and to also make sure the writing is at the calibre expected by the professor. If your writing is not up to that standard, it would be smart to find out now instead of turning the paper in and getting  a bad grade which can negatively impact your chances of graduating.

By getting professional help with all of your university writing tasks, your odds of getting good grades will improve dramatically. Having a university degree is a minimum requirement in order to land a job in the current economy so you really need to bring your “A” game and use every possible advantage including reaching out to these professional writing service providers.

Now that you know about these facilities, it would be to your benefit to reach out to them for help right away.